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Joined: 2012 Mar 7
Descent 1 no music?

Hi i was wondering if anyone here could give me insight on how to get the songs to play along with game? I'm using an iMac G3 running Mac OS 9. I downloaded the game a while back on this very site and i can't get the songs to playback during game play. thanks in advance Smile


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I think the CD had an audio partition, does your image have one?

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Joined: 2012 Mar 7

i wouldn't know, the sound effects work fine. i read somewhere that i need some sort of audio cd? i'm not sure whether to get the mp3s from psx version of the game and burning them onto a cd-r? would that cut it?

p.s. i got the descent 1 game off this very site Smile

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As I know, Descent will play any audio CD if the entire game is installed off the CD.

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If you download the 600 MB BIN/CUE disc image and burn that to CD-R, you'll have the complete game including full-quality music.

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Sorry to kickup an old topic, but I just uploaded easy to use packages for DXX-Rebirth's Jukebox option if anyone wants to try them. The reason I did this is I didn't want to have to mount a cd every time I played the game, but also didn't like what a mess some of the other Descent Mac edition soundtrack downloads were to get setup and working. They're easy to use packages with detailed readme's included, like the download description says just drop them in you itunes music folder and set audio to Jukebox to use.