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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre Expansion

OK, a more recent game, abandoned by Aspyr in 2005.

It's an expansion pack for the insanely great Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. Aspyr (the Mac developers) got this to "Final Candidate" status in Feb 2005. But they or the publishers, NovaLogic, pulled it in August 2005 (or put it on "indefinite hold") because the first game had not sold enough copies. Silly, I bought it.

Unfortunately, it never made it to review or preview stage so there are no copies to be had that way. It's still hard to believe that the whole decelopment effort would be trashed without one copy remaining in existence. Just one to look out for on eBay, Craigslist, etc, especially if you live near Austin, TX (home of Aspyr).

ps. If you loved this game as much as me, don't take a look at the NovaLogic website, you can buy all 7 PC Delta Force games for less than I paid for the one Mac version, I'd buy them but it hurts to see my Mac Pro booting XP (in under 11 seconds - did i say it was fast ? About 120x faster than my MDD at H264 video encodes).