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Default Catch fix report

The resuscitation case

I have 2 beige G3 macs, one revision A and the other one with rev. C motherboard which came with the latest ROM (the one that accepts slave discs and USB cards).
It is the second time to have the default catch error message on a Beige G3 machine.
The first time happened on the rev C machine, I did try every trick to wake it up without success so I had to store it as broken, toke off its ROM to insert it on the other machine in order to have a better working computer, the same did with the processor that is a 350Mhz which I lately made it run at 420Mhz.

A year later happened again on the working G3 and again tried until discovered the real fix that worked on both machines!

The deal was having all the IDE disks disconnected and started up using a SCSI disk containing a system with tools. Incredibly it worked! After that I reconnected all disks but continued starting up using the SCSI disk containing a system. Then I could see all the partitions mounted but one, the one that I was using when the computer crashed and the fatal "default catch" error appeared.
Disk First Aid asked to run it twice to fix that partition and it was fixed!

Checking disk "Saturno".
Checking "Mac OS Standard" volume structures.
Checking wrapper System file.
Checking "Mac OS Extended" volume structures.
Checking for locked volume name.
Checking extent BTree.
Problem: Invalid BTree Header, 0, 0
Checking extent file.
Checking catalog BTree.
Checking catalog file.
Problem: MountCheck found serious errors.
Checking catalog hierarchy.
Checking volume bit map.
Checking volume info.
Repairing the disk.
The volume "Saturno" was repaired successfully.

The above list was the second try at fixing the partitioned disk that failed.

It looks that the partition got corrupted and couldn't be mounted. After fixing it everything went normal. I don't understand why this all happened. In other occasions when a corrupted partition wouldn't mount always had the other ones mounting OK.. I read somewhere that it could happen when having slaves ATA disks connected... As this recipe really works I decided to post it.