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Custom 68K IDE for Macintosh apps with CodeLite, Retro68 and pce-macplus


With some time recently, I explored how the PCE/macplus emulator can be used with CodeLite and Retro68 ( to form a very good development environment for 68k Mac apps. I have written an article here that explains how CodeLite can be setup exactly for this purpose. Mac apps can be run on various emulators on different Macintosh System software just by changing the project configuration dropdown. Autocomplete is supported as well. CodeLite can also be configured to tail the serial port output file and this can used for debugging purposes.

The article also contains links to download the VirtualBox image with everything set up and ready for you to try out. This is a YouTube video that shows how everything can work together nicely:

Let me know what you think.


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Looks promising for anyone serious about developing 68k Mac apps on modern systems. Though "PCE" will always sound like "PC Engine" to me, which I find a bit confusing. Name nitpicking aside, is the OS X version of it PPC compatible?

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PCE is the name Hampa has chosen for his PC Emulator.
If we take Atari, Commodore and the Apple II etc. as the beginning of personal computers, in contrary to the huge main frames of those days, the naming may make more sense.
I don´t think a PowerPC emulator was on Hampa´s to do list, but don´t miss the collected screenshots, if you are interested.

Thinking of PowerPC, Qemu PPC will be the beast to consider. Smile

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The setup (Retro68 + pce/macplus) is only capable of developing 68k apps. I think early versions of xCode can be used for PPC development.