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Correct way to upload disc images?

I noticed Macintosh Garden doesn't accept .RAR files anymore, it mentions how certain Mac OS 9 files are destroyed when zipped and how only some kinds of files are accepted. I make my discs into Toast images, to preserve the Mac OS and Windows data. Can anyone recommend me the best way to compress my Toast images for Macintosh Garden? Would a plain zip file work, since no actual Mac OS files are exposed from within the disc image? Or is toast technically a Mac OS 9 type file?


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Many people handle the files from here directly onto their old macs or emulators. On the days of OS 9 or earlier handling zip files were a pain in the a**... The standard was to use stuffit. Even if it was for a toast image that has no resource forks, the fact that we could save the type/creator of the file was very valuable. Also, with the introduction of stuffit 5 a new compression algorithm was also introduced, which was slower, but had better compression ratio. You will get smaller files with stuffit 5.x than with zip format. But let's see what other people think about this.

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yeah use stuffit, i compress all the i upload using stuffit 5.5 or 7 (just depending what computer i am using at the time)

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Generally I'd put my vote to .SIT/StuffIt archives due to the reasons mentioned above.

When it comes to 'container' format as .ISO, .BIN/.CUE, .CDR and so on, they're not vulnerable to file systems else than HFS/HFS+ but still, the .SIT archives tend to be smaller than .ZIPs and they're expandable under the bigger systems [correct?].

I did a small test showing the pack ratio some time ago but the figures still holds me thinks;