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Copy a game to disks

I have an original game(Civilization) which comes in 4 disks and I want to make a backup.How to copy the 4 disks to 4 blank disks.The procedure is simple?


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Are they Mac only or Mac/PC discs?
Are there any audio tracks? ie are they hybrid discs?

If the answer to both questions is "no" you can use Toast to do a direct copy if you have a dual CD drive setup. Otherwise you need to first use Toast to "save as disc image" and then you have to select the disc image from the Toast COPY tab and burn to disc.

If they are hybrid discs you are better off using Imgburn on a PC.

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I believe it is the first release of Civilization and in 4 disk images ? So, if it is floppies, there is Disk Copy 4.2 (suitable for system 6) or Disk Copy 6 (for at least system 7) just for example. But there is also Dart or DiskDup+ who are doing the job very well. They are quite easy to use for anyone. But if needed, we can provide some help. Smile