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Copland in a VM

Hi! So, I searched and downloaded Copland DD1E4 for my Intel iMac. I tried to install it in Basilisk, but it seems it's not a compatible Mac. Then, I searched for compatible Macs on the Internet, and I found here that only some Power Macintoshes, as the 7500, can run it. But I don't know any Power Macintosh emulator! (if exists) Also, I can't buy a Power Mac, as I live in Spain, a country where anybody uses Mac Tongue

So, can I emulate a compatible Power Macintosh model? Or I can't test this beta? Please tell me how if possible! Thanks in advance Smile


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You can emulate a PowerPC Mac, with SheepShaver, but I think it can be a matter of which Mac ROM the Installer expects from the machine. Not all Mac ROMs works in SheepShaver, or BasiliskII for that matter.
Anyone with more experience?

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It's impossible to run Copland in any of the current emus. They don't fully emulate Macs, just the bare minimum needed to run the OS.

Your only hope is to find a suitable Mac at some stage (took me a long time too).