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Cont: Audio partitions - help?

This is continuation of topic here:
Because I can't make ANY reply with ANY words, I created new topic. Infamous "your submission has triggered the spam filter and will be not accepted" issue still exists, and this is ANNOYING! This has nothing to do with IP, because drupal spam filter isn't IP-sensitive! Something is really wrong, and Balrog should check and fix this! This is Drupal-bug!!!

And here my question to SwedeBear, about topic which was over-mentioned

SwedeBear, I've tested your solution. This works, but only partially. I can make a mixed-mode image under Toast 4.2.2, but I can't mount it in such way, the audio-partitions will be accessed by game. For example - ChaosOverlords. Game recognizes mounted CD, but doesn't recognize audiotracks. Could you test it under Basilisk/SheepShaver?