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Joined: 2009 Sep 27
Connectix Speed/RAM Doubler

Hi all,
Does anyone have a working copy of Speed Doubler and RAM Doubler by Connectix?


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Joined: 2009 Aug 4

Try here mate:

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Joined: 2009 Sep 27

Thanks moof, I must look around that site more when I get chance.

Using Basilisk and HFV Explorer I've managed to make a floppy disk that boots my mac to 7.6, has ram doubler enabled and loads the system to a ram disk (using ram disk+) and then ejects the floppy so I can use the floppy drive for other tasks.

That took a lot of figuring out Smile

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ram disk +, some great software.

Isn't it ironic, that with the tree-huggers forcing everything to be energy-star compliant, and hard disks sleeping after a few seconds now (compared to back in the day where they stayed at 7200rpm unless you bought 3rd party software to spin them down) that hard disks are generally slower now than they were 20 years ago.

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@bertyboy :

Hard drives should not be spinning down immediately unless you're using a laptop on battery power. It shortens the life of the drive. In Windows the spin-down time can be changed; in OS X it can be disabled.

I don't see the point of using RAM Doubler AND a RAM disk together, unless RAM Doubler is set not to use virtual memory.

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Joined: 2009 Sep 27

@ Balrog.
I think you're short changing RAM Doubler there, without it I couldn't have done the following.

Bear in mind I don't have an external SCSI CD drive for my Powerbook Duo 280c, only an external floppy drive.

I had no OS on the HDD after a disk error took wrecked the installed OS.
I needed to run Hard disk Tool Kit to set the drive up - I'd had problems with a corrupt file system that the apple utils wouldn't fix with a format.
I thought Lido had fixed it, maybe it had but I'd been having other problems so I tried hard disk Toolkit.

HD tool kit wouldn't fit on a floppy so I made it into a self extracting spanned archive using stuffit deluxe in Basilisk.

Next I made a disk image the size of a floppy disk using HFV Explorer and copied the System folder from a Disk Tools 1 disk to it to make the HFV image bootable.

Then I booted it in Basilisk and installed RAM Disk+ and RAM Doubler - my Duo has 12mb RAM and it wasn't enough for what I was doing.

With that image made I used HFV Explorer to turn that disk image into a floppy.

The result was a bootable floppy that gave me twice the RAM, a RAM Disk that the system ran off plus space to extract Hard Disk Toolkit to and the use of the floppy drive to get HD Toolkit there.

Anyway, it worked perfectly, all in RAM.
Without RAM Doubler there wasn't enough free RAM for the Finder to start.

But that's a moot point now anyway as I'm having trouble getting OS 7.6 on there again.

It gets so far through the installation process and then just goes to a black screen with the option to Restart/Shutdown.
I've remade the OS 7.6 floppy disk set, I know they work as I've tested them in Basilisk, I've used them before to install OS 7.6 on that same Duo too.

One time I managed to get OS 7.6 on there and proceeded to install the update to OS 7.6.1 and at the end it asked for disk 1 again but refused to accept it.
Using a different floppy disk I remade the disk it was after but no luck.
I had to turn off and back on the mac but it wouldn't boot then, it'd corrupted the system.

I cleaned the floppy drive, it seems to be working ok but things are rather unstable for some reason, plus I'm tired of all this messing with it so have packed it all away for now.

So, yes, RAM Doubler and RAM Disk+ are an excellent combination to boot a mac off a single floppy disk.
RAM Doubler gives you the extra space to do everything and RAM Disk+ lets you run the system from that extra space and use the floppy disk drive.