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CodeWarrior Version History

I saw this topic pop up on a Google Group, think it's a useful topic for deciding which version of CW would be best to get for Classic programming - direct link to post:

For those who don't want to login, here's the post:

12/23/93: CodeWarrior DR/1 Gold/Silver/Bronze
03/11/94: CodeWarrior DR/2 Gold/Silver/Bronze
05/05/94: CodeWarrior DR/3 Gold/Silver/Bronze
06/26/94: CodeWarrior 4 Gold/Silver/Bronze
12/15/94: CodeWarrior 5 Gold/Bronze
05/03/95: CodeWarrior 6 Gold/Bronze
09/05/95: CodeWarrior 7 Gold/Bronze
01/04/96: CodeWarrior 8 Gold/Bronze
05/11/96: CodeWarrior 9 Gold
09/09/96: CodeWarrior 10 Gold
12/31/96: CodeWarrior 11 Gold
06/04/97: CodeWarrior Pro 1
10/23/97: CodeWarrior Pro 2
04/07/98: CodeWarrior Pro 3
09/10/98: CodeWarrior Pro 4
06/18/99: CodeWarrior Pro 5
09/09/00: CodeWarrior Pro 6
2001: CodeWarrior Pro 7
2002: CodeWarrior Pro 8
2003: CodeWarrior 9 Mac
2004: CodeWarrior 9 Windows
2005: CodeWarrior Windows discontinued
2006: CodeWarrior Macintosh discontinued
The dates up to Pro 6 come from a MacHack T-shirt. Note that
Metrowerks initially had a quarterly release schedule, then to 3 times
a year, down to twice a year, finally to once a year. Other notes:
- Bronze was 68K only, Silver was PowerPC only and Gold was both 68K
and PowerPC
- Silver was dropped after CodeWarrior 4
- Bronze was dropped after CodeWarrior 8
- Beginning with Pro 1, Windows hosted CDs were included. Pro 4 was
the last to do that, as Pro 5 sold Windows-hosted and Mac-hosted
- Pascal was dropped after Pro 4 although you could request it from
Metrowerks up through Pro 6, I believe.
- Pro 6 was also the last version to support 68K compilation.
- Pro 7 was the first native Mac OS X version and Pro 8 was the last to
run in Classic.
- Java was decoupled from CodeWarrior around Pro 5 and was cancelled
after Pro 8.


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I've got Pro 6 set up and it runs well on 9.1. Just wish I had the Pascal bits to plug into it.

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It may not help you with 6, wlewisiii, but I uploaded the "patch" Metrowerks released to Pascal developers for CW Pro 7. You put the files in the right spots in your CW installation folder, rebuild the Pascal targets, and you're good to go. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the compilers in the "Patch" are just rebundled copies from 6 or earlier, so they may work with your installation.

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I'll try that. Thanks!

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I recently got copies of 11 Gold (Academic edition,) and Pro 1. I'll work on getting these uploaded around this weekend. Wink So far I've uploaded THINK Pascal 4 & Symantec C++ 7. With plans on "book scanning" their manuals. Laughing out loud

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Thanks in advance for the book scanning!

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Just so I don't end up "hijacking" this topic, I'll be posting updates about my "book scanning" project here. Wink

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Quick question: If I'm mainly going to be developing 68K stuff which of the posted versions would be best: 11 or Pro 1?

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Eh, they are right next to each other in the release timeline. So there isn't any big difference between them. But, because Pro 1 is newer between the two, I'd go with that. Wink

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I use Pro 6 for 68k, which is the last version that can do it.

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It would be neat if someone wanted to put this into a nice table on wikipedia.

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Added in a table in wikipedia.