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COBOL compiler for Mac?

Was there ever a COBOL compiler or IDE for Classic Mac OS?
If there was, I'm hereby requesting it Wink


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If one searches "COBOL compiler Mac OS" on Google, most of the results that come up point to compilers for Mac OS X. If there is one for Mac OS 9 or older, I haven't found it (yet).

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According to a forum post ...

Years and years ago, Micro Focus used to make a Cobol compiler for the Mac. This was WAY before OS X - probably back in the System 7 days. The product has long since been discontinued

So it existed, but a very quick Google search and a search of the current Micro Focus website doesn't find it.

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If you can find my Classic Mac Code Abstract on (it was hosted on and was a horrid display of nested coloured tables), it may list the Cobol compilers that were once available and the pages where they used to be hosted in the 90s.

I'm having a bit of difficulty finding the page myself.

[edit] found it!

Unfortunately, I now recall that there was no free version of COBOL at the time.