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Joined: 2017 Oct 18
Classic Driving Game "Out Run"...

Does anyone have this?? Such a GREAT Driving Game!!


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Joined: 2009 Oct 23

Was any OutRun game ever released for the Mac? I mean, I have a few but they are either roms for other systems or Cider port of OutRun 2006

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Joined: 2017 Oct 18

I've read the Apple II and Amiga both had it.

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I'm not aware of OutRun ever coming out for Mac. There were a few Sega arcade ports later on, and Accolade's 1980s driving games got Mac versions, but I don't recall ever hearing about a Mac OutRun during my book research.

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Indeed. This game is compatible with :

- SEGA Master System, Mega Drive, PC-Engine, Game Gear, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum and Nintendo 3DS.

However, it can be played directly in a browser window :


The sound is really weird...

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You can also play it on the Mac using MAME and a download of the original arcade game's ROM.

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Turns out the Genesis version is really cheap and considered to be pretty good, so will pick it up on that for my RetronV.