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citadel - trouble getting it to play on minimac

this is going to be hard for me to explain, since my computer skills are lacking. I have OS 10 and I am trying to use minimac to play citadel adventures of the crystal keep. Here is what I have done so far:
1. downloaded citadel.SIT
2. double clicked on citadel.SIT and found the citadel.SIT folder
3. double clicked on the citadel.SIT folder and found the old citadel icons (citadel data, citadel maps, etc. the citadel game icon has a red circle and line drawn over it)

I can't seem to get beyond this point.

I have successfully downloaded war at sea.sit and played it on minimac. Here are the steps I took:
1. downloaded Ancient_Art_of_War_at_Sea.SIT
2. double clicked on Ancient_Art_of_War_at_Sea.SIT and found As far as I can tell this is where the difference is. Unlike the typical folder icon that citadel.SIT folder had, had an icon that looked something like the safari icon.
3. double clicked on and found War at Sea.img
4. booted War at Sea.img on minimac successfully.

Any idea where have I gone wrong?


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Try Mini-vMac internal tools, ImportFl, available at:

It would be an advantage if all games were wrapped into Disk images...