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CAT by Chang Labs

I am looking for CAT by Chang Labs. So far through all of my searching, I can't find a single download for it. It's like it was vaporware almost. I saw it in an Apple promo video for the SE.


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Not what you're looking for, but I did find this:

Which version of CAT do you want? Since the manual is on, the software may be too.

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Joined: 2020 Apr 16

Unfortunately it doesn't have it. I would like the first version if possible.
I still can't find any archive even mentioning it.
I would be very grateful if anyone has this and could post it.

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I think that's C•A•T by Chang Labs.

There is a demo/eval of C•A•T IV version 1.1 on MacFormat's CD 32 Xmas edition of 1995 (last DL in page)

Trial version of C•A•T III on Intro to Nautilus v.2 CD <-- this would match the manual from the IA

C•A•T IV on World of Mac CD (demo/eval? )

C•A•T IV on The Mac Mega CD March 1996 - bound to be another demo/eval copy (DL #1 in page).

Also a C•A•T IV v1.0 on a "Mac PW CD" which may be a full payware copy... it's not here at the MG but it's something our mrdav would know more about.