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CAT by Chang Labs

I am looking for CAT by Chang Labs. So far through all of my searching, I can't find a single download for it. It's like it was vaporware almost. I saw it in an Apple promo video for the SE.


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Not what you're looking for, but I did find this:

Which version of CAT do you want? Since the manual is on, the software may be too.

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Joined: 2020 Apr 16

Unfortunately it doesn't have it. I would like the first version if possible.
I still can't find any archive even mentioning it.
I would be very grateful if anyone has this and could post it.

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I think that's C•A•T by Chang Labs.

There is a demo/eval of C•A•T IV version 1.1 on MacFormat's CD 32 Xmas edition of 1995 (last DL in page)

Trial version of C•A•T III on Intro to Nautilus v.2 CD <-- this would match the manual from the IA

C•A•T IV on World of Mac CD (demo/eval? )

C•A•T IV on The Mac Mega CD March 1996 - bound to be another demo/eval copy (DL #1 in page).

Also a C•A•T IV v1.0 on a "Mac PW CD" which may be a full payware copy... it's not here at the MG but it's something our mrdav would know more about.

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I'm not sure if this counts as the "first" version since it's v2.0 but this would have been the version Apple was promoting with the Mac SE.

C.A.T. 2.0

BTW, was the video you were referring to the "Own a Mac" video for salespeople? If so, I think I still have a VHS tape of it.

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Yes! This is it!
Yeah, I love that video! It's on Youtube. I wish I knew who that blonde customer was.