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Can't run OS 9.2 on iMac G3 Summer 2001

Hi guys,

Today I wiped the HDD of my Summer 2011 iMac, and foolishly forgot to backup my OS 9 partition. I don't have the original disks, but I found a 9.2 install cd here:

Anyway, after I install it, and restart, I get the flashing folder with question mark. According to Apple Support, I've got the right ROM version for my iMac, so I'm not quite sure why it's not working.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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Did you tick for 'Bootable in Classic' when you formatted/wiped the disk?

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Are you absolutely sure you burned the image to disk, instead of COPYING it to disk?
I am wasting CDR's once in a while, when I'm distracted...

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SwedeBear: Yes, OS 9 drivers are installed.
24bit: Yes, I'm definitely burning to disk since I'm using dd.

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Never mind guys, I got it working. I used Classic to run the installer and install to a FireWire disk, which I then booted off. I tried copying the System Folder to the internal HDD but that still didn't work, so I booted off the FW HDD again and used Drive Setup to repair the drivers on the internal HDD and that fixed it. Thanks for the help!