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Can I include the same file in two different pages?

I uploaded MechWarrior2_Volume_Fix.sit to the "MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat" page, but it also contains fixes for "MechWarrior 2 (RAVE version)" which has its own page.

Is there a clean way to reference an existing uploaded file on a different page? Should I upload the file again to the RAVE page? Or should those two MechWarrior 2 pages just be merged?


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Have a look at
There I made a link to "Expanding Galaxy I" that was uploaded to another page. You could do something similar. To get the link address I go into edit mode on the other page and Control-click the uploaded item.

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You can Control-click / right-click on the download link on any pages without going into Edit mode and copy the link address ... although annoyingly Safari has a tendency (may depend on the app you're pasting it into) to stupidly copy the link's text rather than the actual link address, despite what the pop-up menu's option is labelled. Sad