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Joined: 2020 May 13

any luck with bootcamp beta still can not seem to get it to wok per your instructions on my mid 2007 iMac with tiger

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Joined: 2009 Dec 15

Hi all !

Back in time I uploaded this game :
It seems to be very picky about the Mac it runs on since I could not run it even on unmodified real macs with original disc inserted (see comments in above link).
When I was a child I had crack but I lost it long ago.

I would love to see it fixed again !

(Yes I know, I once said I would try to crack it myself after finishing AlephOne port to the Wii, but neither of those ever happened and I'm afraid it has been so long since my last low level dev experience I lost all my modest skills)

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Joined: 2019 Dec 28

An unprotected version of 4th & Inches has been uploaded. Have fun!

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Joined: 2010 Aug 7

I uploaded the EMAX version of Sound Designer here some time ago. The copy protection is still intact so if someone could figure out how to crack it that would be great.