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burning dvd

Hello I have a real problem. Im trying to burn a 8.25gb worth of files on a 8.5gb dvd. using expressburn, I converted the files to IFO and VOB and BUP files. After making a folder on the mac desktop called "VIDEO_TS" and burning everything to the dvd it still wont play or recognize the videos on the dvd after burning. Does anybody know whats going on? thanks. This makes no sense.


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It's better to just start with your native video files and let Toast 9-10 handle the DVD mastering.

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Or iDVD.
Not sure if HandBrake might be useful also.

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if you MUST assemble the image by hand, you'll need to ensure you use the correct filesystem; HFS or HFS+ won't work.

DVDs use UDF, with a particular sub-format. So if you're burning a disc, you need a single UDF volume on the DVD, with the correct header information set for the volume.

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If it's a standard TV-plugged-in-box DVD player that can't read the DVD, then it could just be that it doesn't like the burnable DVDs. Many older DVD players simply are not able to read DVD-writable and/or DVD-rewritable media. In some cases the brand of DVD media can be the problem, so trying another brand may help.

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If you already have the files ready to go, and you have access at all to Windows w/a DVD rewritable drive, you may want to try burning the DVD w/ImgBurn. This Windows program has been so useful for CD and DVD stuff here on the site, a completely ad-free version actually resides here in the Garden!

The beauty of this program is that it automatically figures out for you what type of image or disk format you need based on what you want to burn, which is pretty cool!

What's even better is that ImgBurn can also create an DVD image that you can test on your any DVD player that may be installed on the Windows machine you use to burn (or you can copy the DVD image to a flash drive and play on any computer you can mount the image) before you burn a DVD; this will let you know if the DVD you want to the program to burn will actually work. (as a side note, some people like to keep their DVD backed-up on their hard drives in DVD-format)

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thanks I used that and it works! the quality sucks though but its from old vhs tapes on youtube