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Bug Hunt walkthrough

I just beat bug hunt and was considering writing a walkthrough, but it looks like there's multiple ways to win. I know its possible, somehow, to kill the darn alien when he's small, but I have yet to pull that off. I have managed to kill him while he's big and get the CONGRATULATIONS you WIN ending. I opened this thing up with a hex editor and it appears there's many other things you can do in this game, I just can't figure out how to pull it off. If a walkthrough already exists, please let me know. Some things I'd like to manage in the game:

Ways to prevent the little alien from growing bigger
Killng the alien while he's little
Getting him into a portable cage
Successfully using the escape pod to get away and destructing the ship without getting a bad ending (not sure if this is possible, I didn't look that far through the text with a hex editor to see if it was).
Ensuring the alien is somewhere, big or little. (Luring him somehow maybe?)
Getting the Alien to eat the Cat or Mouse.
All the commands that can be entered in the computer.
Detecting WHERE the alien is in relation to you with the sensor.

I do know from the text its possible to get the bugger in the cage, and that you can kill him while he's small. Also you can put him in the cryo freezer and force him to evolve into a bigger alien.

If anyone knows these let me know. Or if you know a version of World Builder that works on an emulator that I can use to crack this sucker open let me know.