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boosting memory for more porformance demanding programs

Hi, I'm running Basilisk II with mac os 7.5.5 installed, and a 1 mg Mac LC III rom.

right now I'm trying to run games that are more demanding on cpu power, and it causes the emulator to slow down.

also, some programs won't open, it says not enough memory is available.

is there a way I can boost the amount of memory on my emulator so certain program will open, and certain programs will room smooth?


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Hi aquateenhgrfrce,

Yes, you can give Basilisk II more memory in the preference settings. You can also give each application under the emulated OS more memory. Click the app you want to adjust memory for, don´t open, just click it once. Get info; either under Finder menu or Command + i. Set the amounts in the boxes. Don´t overdo it as it may slow down the emulated system. HTH!