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Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium

Fogwraith was kind enough to allow me to post this one here, so I'd like to seize the opportunity and put the spotlight on my little side project aka Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium.

What is Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium?

It's a web page with cheats, hints, maps and walkthroughs dedicated solely to the Mac OS. (yes kids, that is without an X)

What makes it special?

I wanted a page you can surf on your SE/30 when you're looking up the solution for a puzzle or a cheat code. No more need to switch to your iMac or mobile.
So my Cheat Emporium is HTML 3.2 compliant and should work with almost every browser that can access the internet. Maps for downloads are all in .pict format, ready for your Mac OS machine. Smile

Ha! You're trying to earn buck or two, are you?

Heck no! No ads, no tracking, as the header says - it'll stay like that forever. My way of giving something back to the community. In fact, fogwraith and me were talking about some way of cooperating with the Garden. We'll see about that.

We've got plenty of cheat pages already! We don't need another one!

There is no lack of cheat websites today. But none are dedicated to the classic Mac OS nor usuable on your old LC. I hate how they bombard you with tracking scripts and banner ads.

Plus most cheat pages don't give a ... about anything pre-OSX. And even if they carry a classic Mac category, it's often just copy & paste from the DOS section with codes that won't work.

What are your goals?

For now - my aim is to bring back the good old 90s cheat page that actually contained more information rather than advertisements. I want it stuffed with cheats or walkthroughs that are tested or at least marked as untested. (nothing as frustrating as typing "pirntippsguzzardo" in SimCity 2000 and nothing happening .. because you're using version 1.12!)

I'm adding content on a weekly basis and I'm up to 200+ games covered. I'd like to be around 300-400 games by the end of the year. I'm shifting my emphasis from the big titles to the small ones now, which includes shareware games and those lovely Mac OS exclusive games from back in the day.

I like your idea! How can I help?

I'm always on the hunt for well-written walkthroughs. It's really hard to find info on many World Builder adventures, so if you're looking for a challenge, try writing a walkthrough and send it to me!

Other ways of helping include sending me an email if you should encounter a mistake or a typo (I'm not a native English speaker, so there you go!). Or simply send me more cheats, walkthroughs, hints or maps for games.

You forgot to mention the URL!

Oh yeah, that's right. It's on a subdomain of Mac OS Today for now. You can find it over on