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bluetooth and webcams

so in the local Goodwill I spotted an Ezonics hardware bundle that came with an iContact Pro II webcam and USB Bluetooth dongle (and also a Bluetooth earpiece that seems to have either an expired battery or dead charger but that's neither here nor there.)

The software included drivers for OS X and OS 9 (imagine my surprise!!) and Webcam Monitor software also for X & 9.

All this has led to the following successes on my Titanium PowerBook (dual boot)

In OS 9 -
- the drivers seem to work fine; the Webcam Monitor software fired right up, and I was able to record/save a Quicktime video. It comes with a lot of format/resolutions options.

In OX 10 (Panther 10.3.9) -
- the drivers seemed to work OK with the Webcam Monitor software (same as above)
- the Bluetooth dongle immediately worked (I paired it with an old cellphone and browsed to/transferred some old photos)

Here are my questions/issues:

In OS 9 -
- pretty sure the Bluetooth dongle is never going to work; I'm aware of the Bluetooth source code to be found here at the Garden but my googlefu would indicate that it's probably not going to work with this brand, unless somebody knows something I don't.
- I would like to test the Webcam more; is there any software it should be able to interface with?
- similarly, is there a website (webcam chat room for instance) that will still work with the Classilla browser (or any other classic browser, perhaps iCab?)

In OS 10 -
- iChat will not recognize the webcam. I installed the opensource macam drivers with no luck. Skype seems to work just fine, but I'm not sure which drivers it's using (they all live in the Library/QuickTime folder) Is there any point to resetting the System (a specific .plist file) or the hardware (zap pram perhaps)?

finally - is there any point in posting the Webcam Monitor Software here or is it likely too hardware specific? (The installer installs both the drivers and the software and I'm unsure what else ... yes I'm too lazy to look for an installer log, but I will)