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Blood for Mac

Does anyone know if this ever came out for the Macintosh? It's a classic first person DOS game that uses the Duke Nukem 3D build engine. You are a vampire and have an array of different weapons like dynamite, tommy-guns, voodoo dolls and double barreled shotguns. Awesome game for its time, still is today.

Would just like to know if MacSoft ever released this title?

Thank you.


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Joined: 2009 Apr 8

Apparently not.

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Joined: 2009 Jun 12

the only way i know to play Blood on a mac is through DOSBox. you will need a newish mac to do it though.

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According to Wikipedia, it was never released for Mac:

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Why is there no Blood Engine (CM/GDX) for mac?
I really would love to play blood on mac osx!

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You can use emulator on mac os x

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He's probably looking for a more native approach vs things like DOSBox and the like.

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No Dosbox.