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Joined: 2019 Mar 6
Best ROM for SheepShaver??

I'm finding Sheepshaver to be quite crash-happy (as we all can relate) but I'm thinking it might be partly related to the ROM I'm using.

What ROM will get the best results for SheepShaver?



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"Best" I couldn't comment on, as I find SheepShaver to be a crash-happy Mac emulator no matter which ROM is used, tho' some are definitely better than others.

My preference is for the "Old World" Power Mac 7200 & 7500 & 8500 & 9500 v1.ROM (has checksum 96CD923D) and the sole reason I prefer Old World to new is that I often run several Mac OS's predating 8.5

This ROM can be located on install CD's for those Macs or included in with the Macintosh ROM archive.

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Joined: 2019 Mar 6

Thanks for the info ! It did not solve the crash I was experiencing but at least I know I have the most likely to work ROM setup now Smile


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I do prefer the 4MB OldWorldROM too.
- Sheepshaver may from another volume via the Sartvolume Control Panel.
- The emulator with OldWorldROM may boot from disk images made with the NewWorldROM too.
(The other way round its not possible - given my memory is correct.)

As for crashes or a "hanging" OS, I feel that the emulator is no worse than real Apple hardware was.
I have to admit that we had a really awful PowerMac crashing several times a day and that I did not throw a heavy workload onto SheepShaver recently. Smile

On a side note, Qemu PPC running MacOS 9.2.2 looks very reliable and runs many apps that did make SheepShaver crash. There even is a rudimentary Altivec support meanwhile.