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Best games for OS 9?

Hiya! I got SheepShaver set up because I was feeling nostalgic for the old OS 9 aesthetic, and then I realized I didn't know of any specific games I wanted to play on the platform.

Anyone have a good list of games for OS 9 that will work with SheepShaver?


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Here are some suggestions:
- Entire Blizzard catalogue (Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft series)
- Realmz
- Escape Velocity (whole trilogy)
- Marathon series
- Mars Rising (and, to a lesser extent, Deimos Rising)
- Puzzle games like the Puyo Puyo series
- Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2
- Spectre series
- SimCity series
- SimAnt
- Sim Cinema Deluxe

That's what popped up first in my head, but here's the complete list of all apps we have. It's worth browsing and looking around. There's a lot more than the ones I mentioned.

Also, keep in mind the more action a game has, the better it is on real OS 9 computers, since all currently-available emulator and virtual machine options have vastly more limited FPS (30? less?) and some input lag (some more than others, such as QEMU). But as long as you can have fun, that's all that matters.

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To name a few more ...

  • Bub & Bob
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Avernum series and spin-offs / similar RPGs
  • Escape Velocity series
  • Ferazel's Wand (although gets very difficult)
  • LucasArts' SCUMM point-n-nclick adventure games
  • Skittles / Candy Crisis

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"Ferazel's Wand" seems interesting, somehow I never checked that one. Will definitely give this a try!

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It looks great and starts off nicely, but unfortunately as with far too many games they relied on making the later levels too maze-like and near (if not totally) impossible. Sad

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It would help to know what genres you like, but to add some more excellent games that I recall working fine in Sheepshaver and weren't mentioned above:

- F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 / 3.0
- SimTower and its sequel Yoot Tower
- Power Pete aka Mighty Mike
- Pangea's other games (though the 3D ones can sometimes be a bit problematic in emulation)
- Crystal Caliburn
- Ishido
- Spin Doctor (or the Clockwerx re-release/re-skin)
- Super Maze Wars
- Bolo (though it's hard to find players)
- Myst and Riven
- Nightfall (a really good first-person puzzle adventure that deserves to be better known)
- Glider PRO
- Any of Don Hill's games released in the mid-90s or later
- Gridz
- Squirrel Kombat
- Spaceward Ho! 4.0
- Eric's Ultimate Solitaire!
- Burning Monkey Solitaire
- Pathways Into Darkness
- Myth
- battle-girl

(...and that's just stuff that was Mac-only or Mac-first — I could think of loads more if we count ports and multiplatform stuff (eg Civ2, Close Combat, and Tomb Raider all run well in Sheepshaver in my experience).)

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My suggestion is to work your way through the Garden's most popular content:

The games I play most:

- SimCity 2000
- Escape Velocity
- Starcraft
- Civilization II
- Lemmings
- The Even More Incredible Machine (I like the original over the sequels)
- Exile: Escape from the Pit (one of my favorite RPGs ever)
- I like The Oregon Trail 1/2, just as easy point/click type games.
- Imperialism. Along with Borderlands 1, MDK, Sanitarium, and Diablo 2, Imperialism is one of my top five games all-time. It has aged beautifully, as the artwork for the game is all hand-drawn watercolor/pencil scans. It's unlike any 4X game you've ever played.