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Basilisk II on OS 10.6

I was trying to follow the guide (address below) to install Basilisk II. It was going fine until I hit a roadblock. I can't seem to figure out the step where I copy the OS 7.5.3 files to the mounted disk image. It is not writable and I haven't been able to figure out a way to make it so. I've seen a reference that in 10.3 mounted disk images could be writable from a forum in 2003 (don't have the link). Is this something that is no longer possible under 10.6?

I'm just trying to get Allied General working on my machine as I have fond memories of it as a kid. I have recently been running Panzer General on a DOS emulator but that is not enough.



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Mmm, What I had to do in 10.3 with Basilisk II to get some very large disk images, was:
- create them in Disk Utility in OSX, read/write and no encryption. Unmount the image.
- mount them in Basilisk II, it usually says they're unreadable and you should initialise it. Do so.
- shut down Basillisk Ii and mount it in OSX. Add your files and unmount it.
- mount it again in Basilisk II.

Or you can try to learn how to use the Unix command line tool, hdiutil. Typing 'man hdiutil' is a good start.

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If I remember correctly, 10.6 will not write to HFS volumes.

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If I remember correctly, 10.6 will not write to HFS volumes.

You remember well. Snow Leopard can only read HFS volumes. It can't write or even create them. But all is not lost. Apple did a similar thing with 8-bit color mode. They disabled with the 10.5.3 update, rendering 256-color games unplayable, but they enabled it back on the next update. I guess if many people complain they'll do the same for HFS support. We'll see. In the meantime, BornMac, you'll have to use 8.1 instead. You may also want to keep an eye on MacFUSE as somebody already asked if they could add HFS support for Snow Leopard.

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But will it write to HFS+, at all?

If 10.6 really refuses to write to HFS volumes, all emulated Mac OS versions prior to 8.1 no longer can be fed with game stuff.

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10.6 doesn't want to write to HFS ?

So how does anyone burn a CD ? CD's even in 10.5 were still HFS. Still, when I can get back on my Mac Pro (2yo son watching Horton in iTunes), I'll boot up 10.6 and check.

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Else you can try a solution using the Terminal in Snow Leopard.
The procedures of copying and creating HFS volumes under 10.6 is discussed at E-Maculation, a forum concerning BasiliskII/SheepShaver/etc, right here: