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Banned from Windows 8 Fourms...

It all started at when i was talking to Brink.
I had a problem finding a app that i had back in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
Then i waited for a reply, and i stumbled upon this thread named "Which age category do you fall in?". Then i saw this poll, and i clicked "20 and under" (something like that) and continued waiting to wait for a reply. I was looking for that app in the Windows Store, and i found the app named "Physamajig" that made my brain remember it. I downloaded it and played it for a while, and went to tell Brink.
All of the sudden, i was asked to change my password.
When i went to do so, this is what i got:
You have been banned for the following reason:
Breach of forum rules. Under age.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never
Looks like this is the end of getting help with Windows 8...


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Should mean "Date the ban will be lifted: If you're 18", for sure.

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Just had a look about the place
Maybe you've been messaging Brink too much or something, there are younger members than you there so perhaps he or another admin banned you manually as a quick way of ending unwanted dialog.

Either ask them whats going on or join another Windows discussion forum, there seem to be quite a lot out there