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Avara Source Code Released

Last month I posted about the 20th anniversary of the Ambrosia Software game Avara, and my celebratory Twitch stream I put on for the occasion. Since then, the game's creator Juri Munkki has gotten permission from ASW president Andrew Welch to release the game's source code for free.

Hopefully this will eventually lead to the game being ported to OS X so anyone with a modern Mac can play it. Avaraline have been working towards this goal for several years, but this code release is what has really been necessary to create a faithful, accurate, fully-featured modern port of Avara. If you want to discuss the code more in-depth with people who actually know what they're talking about (not me), you can log into #avaraline . Their code fork is here:

Avara is one of my favorite games of all time and I'm really excited at the prospect of my old friends from back in the day finally being able to play it again and even attracting new players.