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automatic compressed resources

This was tried by Apple Mac OS starting about late 1993, when processor speed had just shot up but storage space was still at a premium, and computer-science itself was arguably immature. In not much time, by 1995?, Apple stopped and frowned on storing compressed resources. Anybody know the technical reasons why?, besides storage drives improved so space was no longer a luxury, uncompressed resources load and respond quicker, and maybe recursion of having compressed resources within other compressed resources. In Mac OS 9.1 year 2000ish Apple banned compressed resources, and now in OS 9.2 it causes fatal errors to encounter them, wtf, why not any friendly err msgs?

So I tried playing After Dark vol.3 on my PowerMac G4, and while a handful of the saver's will run, the majority do not because of compressed resources. AD vol.2 and vol.4 aren't affected by this, demonstrating how short lived the compressed resources idea was. Now what's stopping other programs especially from during these years having intermittent or total failure, for the same reason Compressed Resources? I think I located a couple programs already.

Retro 16-bit-feel platformer game "Out of this World" was compiled October 1993, and mostly runs but a handful of the over 30 levels are glitched or show blank. Philips CD-ROM "Labyrinth of Crete" made March 1996 is mostly okay too, but about midway thru the title animation, the background changes to Green garbage. Couldn't we use an applet like NativeChecker in which we drag and drop any program on it, and we're warned if compressed resources are detected or not detected. And how about fixing this incompatibility? Uncompressing them ourselves, or patching the OS to handle them correctly again?