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ASIO passthrough drivers for Sheep Shaver audio card?

Hey guys! Not sure where to put this, I wanted to run some audio software on Sheep Shaver, specifically SonixWORX, to do some audio editing, but the ASIO drivers complained there was no audio hardware to connect to. On modern machines, there are ASIO drivers for audio programs that allow you to link to your sound card so you can at least edit and hear what you're doing, but the ASIO drivers here don't recognize a built in card it seems. is anyone knowledgeable enough about this to know if there is a work around or something I'm missing? Kind of a niche thing, but thanks for reading!


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ive run into this with multitrack software as well, not asio specifically but just no way to get multitrack audio outs, or software refusing to even load if it cant recognize a certain kind of card attached. again anything that needs a dsp card wont run. sheepshaver doesnt emulate or communicate (as far as i know) with peripherals like audiocards, dsp or interfaces.

sonicworx had some interesting features, are you able to use any other audio editors, or did you need a sonicworx specific tool?

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Your best bet would be to try with Qemu. There's a few built-in audio card options but I don't know if any of these would work on a MacOS guest. However there is support for usb devices so you might be able to get a usb audio interface going if it's class-compliant or has Mac drivers.

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As far as QEMU-PPC goes, there's current work going on in the area of USB handling; you'll want to make sure you get the correct build, or you'll be able to see the devices but not talk to them. Or, you won't be able to see them at all. The fixes haven't gone in to the official builds yet.