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Article about Mac 512k File Sharing on Internet

Stumble over this when looking for something else (as usual…);

He´s got his Mac 512k sharing files on the network/internet via a OS X machine which is forwarding the original share. This could perhaps be a viable way of loading stuff from MG onto 'The Real Deal'.

As the oldest machine I´ve got is a LC (equipped with a network card) stuffed away in the basement I can´t try this out for real. Anyone care to take a beat and share their experiences. And screendumps… Smile


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These notes on "AppleTalk-ing" are pretty good. I especially appreciate the schematic drawing for networking a PhoneNet connected 512k Mac to a wireless connected PowerMac G4 MP, and everything else in between.

My oldest still working networked Mac is a Centris 660av, it can do any networking task but I wouldn't like to use it for browsing the Garden Wink