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are these files infected?

Are these false positives? I have Avast for Windows and it detects Threat:MacOS:Wdef in the following files:

Dark Castle:
Shanghai II:
Micro League Baseball 2:
Wayne Gretzky Hockey:
Maze Wars+:

I was getting virus detections in files for these games when I downloaded them months ago, but not anymore. I'm not sure which files or X-Plane version it was.

Cribbage and Gin King


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These would be false positives on a Windows OS. Unpack the archives on a classic Mac system and run classic Mac anti-vir programs over them, if you need to. i.e.; Disinfectant, Virex, etc.;

Quick peek at a couple:
Cribbage and Gin King and MazeWars+ are definitely not virus infected.

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For informations, I have tested a lot of them yesterday under SheepShaver with Disinfectant & no viruses found. But I have not tested all the archives. Also, may be the viruses have infected the files later after the DL from anothers files downloaded elsewhere. But here, the archives seems to be sane...