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ARDI's Executor

Does anyone here remember Executor, by ARDI? It's a Macintosh emulator for DOS and Windows and Linux that was first released back in 1993. It's famous for not requiring a ROM image.

Here's the Wikipedia:

I mention this here because Executor has recently gone open-source and the developer who created it has been working on it again. Also, it should be possible to compile it for OS X. This, however, has proven very difficult and the people on my emulation form have had no success with it.

Does anyone here want to take a look and give it a try?

The source is here:

And the required Syn68k is here:

In some cases, Executor is better than Basilisk II or vMac. And, of course, not having to download a ROM is really nice.


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I sure do remember it. The problem is that the author had to leave out some components (I believe UI related) due to commercial licensing (HE licensed them from someone else), iirc. I'll check it out anyway.

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I wouldn't say it's better than Basilisk II or vMac by any means. Though another thread referenced an OS X version for it, I've had poor success in trying to get stuff to load on it (mostly SSW 7 stuff). Even System 6 stuff I have yet to get to work--even trying to run Crystal Quest ended in failure (even after adjusting Creator/Type codes to not render as a document)

Sorry, edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' by 'SSW 7' - IIGS User

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As Executor implements better than 90% of the Mac OS Toolbox and some higher level APIs I have wondered:

It seems to make sense to me to use the source code to executor to create a new OS that is compatible with the Mac OS (Classic). Yes it is true that there would need to be some work done to create a bootable ROM image and then fill in those things that Executor is incomplete in. Though it is a better starting point than any other that I know of at this time.

I mention this as there is a need for a new user maintained OS that is compatible with SSW 7.xx, and possible even runs on the newer Open Firmware PowerPC Macintosh computers. Since Apple has abandoned the Mac OS to chase Darwin, the users are the only possible source of new variants of the OS.

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So, are you up for reviving the Nueve/MEAD project? Northcott started work on it (I think it was him) but not much has been heard in regards to that.