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Joined: 2009 Dec 19 - MacWorld PDFs and MacAddict PDFs & CD-images

I discovered (thanks to James & John on RetroMacCast) that now hosts almost the entire collection of MacWorld magazines in PDF format, as well as MacAddict in PDF format and its cover-discs as images (many thanks Bob Kiwi!).

The MacWorld magazines come in at about 17GB and MacAddict with its CD-images at many times' that. Is it worth creating a page each for them and linking directly to Or simply upload them and make them available here as well? Would this be a good use of 100GB disk space?


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I think that the Garden should have copies available, not much help from my side though as my bandwith is horrible.
Lets wait for fogWraith`s input and until he has everything sorted out with the new mighty server.

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We have a page for the MacAddict CDs that links to

Copies on the Garden would be nice to have (space permitting) but it is probably pretty safe on, so for me I prefer to use my time uploading other stuff.

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probably pretty safe on

I can't see the web archive disappearing before the MG Wink

I think upload what you want if you feel the need to, but Indirect links to the Internet Archive source for the same, would also be good (and a lot less time consuming for whoever wants to do it).

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Hi, what is the link to the podcast where this was mentioned? I searched on Internet Archive and found a library of about 15 years' worth up to 1999, but Macworld went out of print in 2014, so either the other half of the collection is missing (hasn't been uploaded yet), or I'm not searching right.

If anyone does find (or upload) the rest, I think it would be good to have a sticky to the link(s) where you can get them.

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I can't remember now if Macworld UK is still being published as a proper magazine (I'd have to check the local magazine shop). Both Macworld and Macworld UK are definitely still published as emagazines though.