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Apple Display Service Utility...anyone?

Hi guys,

I am desperately seeking for an application made for servicing Apple CRT monitors called "Apple Display Service Utility". The compressed file should be called something like "displayservutil.sea.bin" and it's a small application (about 260K).

Any help is much appreciated, I can't take my Apple Studio Display to the repair guys without this app...

Many thanks!

- MusicWorks


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Did you check this CD?

Most Apple Studio Displays are LCDs.
So what year is it from?

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It's totally on this CD, thanks. Extract it using toast on a Mac and you should be good to go.

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According to the manual if you are running at least 8.5 on a host desktop with built in USB (or have the latest Display Software installed) you should be able to do adjustments via a button in the Monitor Control panel.

Make sure that the monitor cable is plugged into your computer or an electrical outlet,
then restart.

Make sure the USB connector on the USB cable is plugged directly into your computer’s
USB port or a powered USB hub, such as another monitor’s USB port.

Make sure you’ve installed the Apple Displays Software that came with your monitor.


After you install the software, use the Monitors & Sound control panel to
optimize your display setup. The Color and Geometry controls allow you to compensate for
differences in your surroundings and display placement. For example, you can use the
Geometry controls, such as Pincushion and Beam Landing, to adjust the edges of your screen
image or minimize color patches on your screen. You can also calibrate your monitor to
accommodate ambient light or select a preferred gamma and white point. For more
information, see Mac OS Help (Mac OS 8.5 users) or Monitors & Sound Help, available when
the Monitors & Sound control panel is active (Mac OS 8 or 8.1 users).

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I have this file if you still need it... It is an older version that works with classic MacOS. I am however looking for the USB version myself called "USB Display Service Utility" or USB DSU for short which works with the CRT Studio Displays. If you or anyone has this utility buried deep on one of their g3 or g4s in 2020 PLEASE let me know, I can compensate you via paypal for your efforts...