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Apple Backup

I'm looking for a copy of the Apple Backup program that was pre-installed on the hard drive of various consumer-grade Macs circa System 7.1 before CD drives were common. There don't seem to be any copies of it anywhere. The Apple Restore program which reverses the backup process seems to be at least be availbale on the Performa Utilities Disk but I want to find the program that actually creates the backups.

For some context: Machines in the Performa line (at least) were bundled with lots of software that was preloaded on the hard drive at the factory. Apple didn't provide any backup disks for this software (not even the System Software; I assume as a cost saving measure) but placed the Apple Backup program on the hard drive as well with instructions to run it. It would create a set of floppy disks containing the context of the drive to allow it to be restored at a later time. If you did this immediately before using the system it served as the closest you'd ever get to a true factory-default restore. Also see the other thread requesting copies of these original software bundles.

I'd just like to see this program again because I think its interesting history and I'd like to study it in a little more detail. Thanks!


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It’s on the Performa recovery CDs. The restore images are on there, but all the files are also on the CDs in regular folders.

Also, just so you know, I’m half way through writing a utility that will take a backup set and convert it to a folder hierarchy of macbinary encoded files. Search github for kaitai-applebackup. The archive parser is already available for use.