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Joined: 2009 Aug 2
Anyone want a buch of free games?


There are several games that I have been looking for. A few of them can be bought used dirt cheap on However, I've been unable to get them because I live in Sweden and these games can't be shipped here.

I have an idea, though. If someone here lives in the US and knows a bit about computers, the games could be shipped to you instead. I don't really care about the physical media, I just want the games. So here's what I propose:

I pay for the games and shipping, and when you receive the games you create disk images of them (they're all on CDs), scan the manuals and upload them here (or elsewhere if it's more convenient, i.e if they are too large. Then you can of course keep the originals.

Does this sound like a good idea? Is anyone interested? You understand of course that I would prefer a prominent member to do this so I don't waste my money on nothing. Smile
So far, the games I'm buying are: After Dark Games, Ice and Fire, Heroes of Might and Magic and aGORA Soul of the Oracle. Of course, if there's anything else you want (and it's not too expensive!) I'm sure I could add that as well.


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I think After Dark Games are already available here so do a search before buying them. Ice and Fire has been on the wanted list for months now. You are going to make some people happy with that contribution. I played the aGORA demo back in the day but I don't remember much of it except it looked like the bastard son of Myth: The Fallen Lords.

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You can contact me at pumaconcolor AT hotmail DOT com. I've got a number of macs and drives available for imaging stuff, and I have a scanner for imaging the package and manuals into JPEGs or PDFs also. I've bought and uploaded stuff myself before but I just don't have any money left to spend.

Be sure to heed MacWise's advice though, to check and make sure it's not already available online. There may also be someone who has it but just hasn't got around to uploading it yet.

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E-mail sent. I've checked for these games but they don't seem to be available anywhere. Especially After Dark Games, which is strange because I've played them before and I know I didn't buy them. The grand total comes to 28 dollars for seven games (I added a few), plus shipping of course but it's still cheap so it doesn't really matter if someone else has them, I'm not going to get bankrupt. Smile