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Any TenFourFox users?

Hey Everyone! Great to be here and see so many people keeping classic Mac OS going! For those, however, who sometimes have to venture in 'X' territory - specifically 10.4.11 or 10.5 on PowerPC, here is a big addon I made this summer you might find useful.

The makers of TenFourFox have initially disabled plugins like Flash for a while now in view of security concerns (completely understandable) and the newer versions have worked pretty well in HTML5, but as we all know Flash is still sometimes needed and on a more powerful PPC, can still work pretty well. Anyway, here is a build switching launcher enabling users to have both the older version 17 (able to use plugins like Flash with a setting change) and ALSO the newest versions being made by the TFF team. You can now have both installed at the same time!

The best part is that all bookmarks (with favicons), history, password-db, iMacros, session-data and such are completely shared between the two and attached to the selected version during launch with just a button click. Addons and prefs, however are kept separate, as these will tend to diverge between builds as new addons are released.

Also includes a pretty decent readme for getting it installed along with recommendations for the best addons and such with their links.

Was made in Applescript and can be opened in Script Editor (both the installer and app) so you can verify it contains no malwear. Fully tested on G3, G4 and G5 (G3s of course have somewhat more limited Flash capabilities).


Here is an correction to the addon recommendations in the installer Read Me.
The Mozilla Archive Format addon seems to have broke with something in TenFourFox

THIS ONE, however, works GREAT with both versions of TFF:


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I think TenFourFox is a good project, but i gave up on it at version 6.0.1. I was running it on a first generation G5. Maybe it's worth to try it again. I really can't remember what made me to abandon it and return to firefox 3.6.28 which, in my own opinion, still does its job pretty well. I think it was something to do with the plugins/addons, but i really don't remember, it has been what, almost two years from that version?

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They were kinda' rough there for a while (especially from version 6 to version 10), but the compatibility and speed just keeps improving.