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Any interest in some eMac machines for $100 + shipping?

Yesterday I went into a local computer shop looking for a PC case. They all went to recycling, since the store changed to Micro Age, but they were clearing out a pile of eMac machines. I bought three, but there were roughly nine others left, after I bought mine. Most looked to be in good condition and probably working. A couple were yellowed, a couple were labeled broken and one (an older 700MHz eMac) was missing a speaker cover. I was told there were no 1.42GHz machines, just 1GHz and 700MHz.

I'm also located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Now, I know I don't post here too often and this might sound scammy, but I have some buying/selling feedback on other forums.!

If you're concerned those accounts aren't mine, just PM one of them and I'll respond.

I can't guarantee all of those machines are still there, but it didn't sound like they were moving very well. Also, I didn't ask if the broken machines could be bought at a discount. I'd hate to see all those awesome computers just thrown in the trash, so I thought I'd post here and gauge interest from other places. I already have about four eMac machines, I don't think I can keep any more at my house.

Note: If you've never tried shipping an eMac before, just consider that they are around 50lbs each. I can't grab an estimate out of thin air, but I figure the shipping would be expensive.