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Antivirus for Tiger/10.4.11/PPC?

Is there antivirus software that still works in Tiger/PPC? .... and by works I mean can still be updated with recent definitions.

Norton 11 still launches but cannot update, for instance. ClamXav is unsupported also I recall.
Pretty sure same is true of Sophos, Avira, and Avast, et al - even if you locate an old installer you cannot connect to servers and update.

Something open source or command line perhaps?

Related - I think the newer AV definitions are in a format that may not work with older software.

Not that I intend to do a lot of browsing of the interwebs on my Tiger Box but still - if there is one, please let me know.


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What version of ClamXav are you using?
Get TenFourFox and pay attention to Kaiser's security advices.
Use extensions like µBlock Origin, and so on...
Try this one, SnowLeopard CC, a real all-in-one utility:
It works in Panther-Tiger and Leopard.
Once you install, it will upgrade your virus definitions for ClamXav and keep its Sentry working.
It saves me recently when i get a htmlxploit while downloading crap from mega. (My AV def. are from January 22th-2017)
Anyway, you need to get to security forums, and get info about Tiger and it vulnerabilities.
MacScan is another good one, but slower. Old versions can get autoupdates 2 for its database.
And stay tuned to security sites like or