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Another Starship Titanic Issue

Hey All,

I have another Starship Titanic issue. I was able to get the files unzipped and burned to discs. From there I was able to install and load the game and all seemed well. That is until after the opening credit scene. After that, the character's speech/audio goes to pot. It sounds distant and crackly and I have no idea why.

I'm running this on a vintage iMac G4, 700MHz, running a clean install of OS 9.9.2. I've tried installing the game several different ways, with every combination of option I can think of. I even tried downgrading the versions of Quicktime from 5.x (which the OS 9 comes with) to 3 which is on the disc. All result in the same thing.

Has anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?