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Airport help!

For some reason, whenever I try to login to my wifi network on my iBook G3, it just gives me a big ol' error that reads "An error occurred while trying to join the selected AirPort network", with a code that's "-3151".
I have a feeling it has something to do with an error I had during installation that said that Internet Access could not be installed (Internet Explorer First Run).
Any help would be great!


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First guess would be that the wireless protocol that your router is using is way to modern for the iBook to understand, or that it's using an encryption standard that the iBook was never built to use.

My old laptops cant connect to my network with wireless either for these reasons. Best to use an Ethernet cable

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I tried an Ethernet cable into a Netgear extender ( it says I can use to connect ) but get message "cannot find the specified server.
Any ideas please.

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Presuming that you are using a 2.4 GHz WiFi, can you try disabling "n" on your access point to sort out the issue?
I recall some Wifi chipset that would not connect when my AP was set to 802.11n+g+b.
802.11g+b did work without complains.

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In Mac OS 9 all you get is WEP encryption with the original AirPort card. In OSX you get WPA as well, but just the old type. So your router needs to have it's wifi security type set to WEP in order to be able to use the iBook with it.

Regarding the wired network issues, I suggest opening the TCP/IP control panel to make sure that "Built in Ethernet" and DHCP is selected. If you want to use your AirPort card you need to make sure you select "AirPort" instead of "Built in Ethernet" in the TCP/IP control panel as well.

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I'm in Australia, and I'm using a BigPond box that sometimes doesn't work (the NBN sucks here.)
It joined to an unlocked network once but when I tried to load it didn't do anything.
Plus I can't install OS X. Too little disk space.