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Age of Empires 1 says it needs the game CD - How do I get round this?

I downloaded Age of Empires 1 off this site, and I burnt all the files in the disk image onto a CD using my MacBook Pro. The games started up fine, but when I clicked 'singleplayer' I got a dialog box pop up saying 'please insert game CD'. How do I get around this?

BTW I'm playing on a 2001 iBook running Mac OS9.1.



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As other people in the AoE wiki page act as though it works, I would try to burn the disk image itself (using Disk Utility or whatever other program). Some software protection schemes simply check for a properly named disk in the SCSI chain (real or virtual), but some rely on hidden files--files that you wouldn't be able to drag and drop onto a writeable disc. I assume that AoE uses this sort of scheme to ensure the "proper" disc is in. Writing the whole image to a CD-ROM would ensure these hidden files are on the disc.

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Try keeping the disc image on your hard drive, locked, and mounting it with this:

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I seem to have 3 discs of the original game around, that is 3 copies that I made from the original CD so I could play the game, probably in some LAN games. The very fact I went to all the effort of burning the CDs suggests that you do actually need to burn the disc image.