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Adding Walkthroughs?

Hi all,

here is one thing I wonder: Do we have an agreement on how to include walkthroughs within the game page? What format to use? Where to place it?

Maybe a separate upload box for tips, walkthroughs, cheats etc. might be a good idea?


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I know I posted something about this before, tryng to understand the vast different number of formats of help and wlakthoughs that I had. I did subsequently think that PDF may be the answer this conundrum, with the two drawbacks - that the help would not be in the original format, sometimes more "helpful" than a flat PDF - and that it's then fairly static, it would prevent many users being able to contribute their little snippets of wisdom.

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1. Often cheats and basic walkthrough texts are bundled with software.
2. GameFAQs often has information on games, even if its the PC version. Why reinvent the wheel?

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If it´s strictly to walkthroughs; why not think 'UHS'?
(I´m afraid I´ve made a 'couple' of games with this app open all the time…)