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Add-on files (plugins) for all Ambrosia games

Expecting that site will be closed with time, I did site backup in 2015 (mainly to keep plugins for Escape Velocity series).
Some time ago I found that Ambrosia site is down. I made DMG file (3,3Gb) with site backup (mainly add-on files) and added it to Macintosh Garden today.
Thus, most of Escape Velocity (+ EVO, +NOVA) and all other games plugins available for mac gamers again.
Beside games, some old Ambrosiasw news and articles can be found on this backup.


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Thanks for preserving such a great chunk of computer history!

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I second that. It's an awesome archive - thanks for your efforts in preserving Ambrosia's great works, Gera! (too bad Ambrosia itself does not seem to care much :-/ )

I figure it'd be a huge task to split this collection up into content for the various games and apps. But that would be so cool having it added to the game pages instead of it sitting in one huge archive. I fear it just might not get all the attention deserved. Maybe I'll start pulling some stuff out and adding it to individual sites this weekend. If anyone else feels like joining in, you're welcome Smile

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Someone posted this link on another forum:

It's an FTP site with quite a bit of Ambrosia stuff on it if anyone here with spare time and spare data allowance wants to got through "borrowing" files to re-upload here anything that is missing. (The site also has some of Ambrosia's Windows stuff.)