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ADC (Plastic) Studio and Cinema Displays hold up better than newer "HD" (Aluminum) models.

Now am not talking about the CRTs, though there are obviously lots still in service, but the LCD ADC displays. Have done a lot of service on Vintage PowerMacs over the last 5 years and its SHOCKING how often these old monitors still look GREAT. There will sometimes be a tiny-bit of burn on the screen, but only one out of six of them was showing any significant color-shift or brightness loss.

But over the last year have had 4 of the newer Aluminum "HD" Cinemas come in that debuted with the G5s and half of them had significant brightness loss, that made them no longer suitable for graphics work.

Really surprised me. Being a sucker for Apple's designs before the "Aluminum Poisoning", I've always had the plastic ones, and am thinking in this particular instance - metal isn't better.


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Ah yes, the LCD were built to last. Unfortunately, if you relied on the ADC-DVI converter (the one with USB, DVI and power on one side and ADC coming out), used by DVI cards to drive those monitors, they did not last long.
Sorry to say I had two of the 23" ADC models, gave them away to a school fair.

I was going to say that the ADC cards didn't last well, had two fail on me, but then I still have two more working from new in 2002.

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Too much voltage?? I have one I've been using in that way for about a year. Hoping it doesn't poop-out.

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The ADC/Cinema/Studio monitors are great, I own three of them - a 22" (original, actually not ADC) and two 17" studios. My current PPC setup was unable to drive the two 17" ones, despite the card having an ADC and DVI input (I have two adapters, one virtually new). It just irritated the computer to no end, the x800xt card seemed unwilling to negotiate, and it utterly refused. I have a 9650 in my MDD, and that Radeon could do it, no problem. I haven't tried with my 9800 on the G5, but I'm pretty unwilling to give up the power boost from the x800xt...

The 22" is the least well preserved on the bunch, it has acquired the central glow from the backlight and has two very fine pixel lines on the left. It is still however a very nice looking monitor beyond that, and it was stored in a closet for years when I bought it, sans adapter.

I do eventually want to upgrade to a 30" Cinema - which may have the 'aluminum corruption' but... that resolution on a PPC would make me smile whilst it lasts. Once in awhile one comes up 'new in box' on the 'bay.