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68K Mac to Windows PC network possible?

The PC has Windows 7 and 2 network cards (one on board).

The MAC is a SE with System 6.0.7 and 4MB ram. It has a network card with 3 connections. One is a standard LAN port (like PC) and other BNC type and lastly what looks like the old pc joystick port.

Id like to copy files between Mac and PC. FTP is good too but what do I need ?

Does cable have to be cross over or normal ?
Do I need certain software or setup on both Mac and PC ?

Also, I have an external apple scsi CDROM drive which was from an lc iii. Where can I find a driver for it to work on 6.0.8 ?


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You haven't gotten any blow-back, so I thought I would tell you what I know, or at least what I remember.

I have an SE/30 that's to someday be rehabilitated. It might have System 6 or possibly SSW 7 on it--I cannot recall. Last time I was trying to hustle files on to it, I was using a beige G3 as a go-between. I would get what I wanted on to it, using DAVE and a plain vanilla SMB network. Then, I would have the G3 turn away from that network, and LocalTalk with the SE/30. Additionally, I made use of an AsanteTalk Ethernet to LocalTalk bridge.

Ultimately, I would like to have some sort of persistent connection that would not require me to do so much mincing on the G3. If I recall correctly, this was my goal because I had given up on the idea of the SE/30 and a Windows machine ever doing direct file sharing.

Back in the day--before this was an exercise in nostalgia--when I was using SSW 7 and Windows 95 machines, I can remember trying and failing at finding a good solution, and ended up just using Zip disks. I'm sorry that's a pretty incomplete response, but maybe someone else can fill in some gaps.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' by 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

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Possible yes, but with a few obstacles.
Back in the days you could use Dave on the 68k side or PCMacLan on the PC side to connect via AppleTalk (ethernet) given that your PC was a W95 to XP box.
W7 has its own ways and a 10Mbit ethernet card like yours may not work oob with a Gbit network.

If you plan to connect exactly two boxes you will indeed need a cross over cable.
More common would be using some kind of switch or hub for your network. In that case you would use plain patch cables, but cross over cables should work with a hub too.

If you are going FTP, I would install the free FileZilla client on your W7 box and Fetch on the Mac side. Presuming your Mac sees the server, the rest should be easy going except for the fact that Mac resource forks wont survive via FTP. Best transfer only zip or sit files with FTP.

Dave and PCMacLan would handle the resource forks on old Windows systems for you, so a virtual machine on your PC running W2K, W98 etc. may be worth a thought.
I had a W2000 box running PCMacLan for some time as AppleTalk server with a Mac_II and a network card like yours as client.

For you SCSI CD-ROM, things would be easier with MacOS7.
If I recall correctly the was a CD ROM setup disk that came with the external Apple (Sony) CD ROMs but I am only aware of a German setup disk for OS6 here:

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Everyone has its ways to solve this kind of problem. What do i do with my SE to transfer files? I don't use DAVE since 1999 i think, but i promised myself if i were to store mac files on a windows machine it would be in compressed form. That leaves out the resource fork problem. Now.. the transfers.. i think ftp is the best and easiest. Fetch has been a great ftp client for mac and it's really easy to find, and it's compatible with 68000 macs. My other method is transfer files via timbuktu. Timbuktu 1.0 it's the only version i know that runs on 68000 macs, version 2 and up needs 68020 at least. Problem is, protocol changed and timbuktu 1 can't communicate with mac versions 4 and up, and i can almost bet the current version for windows 7 can't communicate with it.

Most modern NICs have autocrossover built in, if you don't have a crossover cable it doesn't matter. The speed has not been an issue for me either. Most 1Gb nics are backwards compatible with 10Mbit ones. I tested this on several DELLs and my SE, and even with my Mac Pro, flawless communication.

Floppies: if your SE is not the FDHD version forget it. Nevertheless i love floppies.

You can visit the Mac Driver Museum and see if a driver from there works with your CD.

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@Mk.558: You've been pretty quiet about this one! What an amazing excellent resource. Thank you.

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@Mk.558 --> That is one of the most helpful Mac websites on the internetz. It needs to be archived (along with all links/downloads). Who has a working copy of Site Sucker Smile

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I am speechless after browsing through the wealth of information Mk.558!
Not only very well structured and informative, but also just enough eye candy to keep a casual reader´s attraction. So much better than anything I could have ever contributed to the subject.
You are the greatest!

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I'm pleased to hear the good reports. It has been many, many hours in the making (and is in fact my first webpage).

I must provide gratitude to mcdermd at for the hosting, I don't host the site myself. However, if one of you would like the whole folder (I edit it with TextEdit and Firefox) I can provide it for archive purposes. It's 106.6MB on disk, there's about 50MB of files and 50MB of images (not all images are in use, just can't be bothered to dig out the unused ones from the old version 2.0 release, which ironically enough is still on Google's cache, as of right now).

I don't intend any major revisions in the future, other than minor spelling, little additions here and there to tidy things up. The present release as of yesterday (I actually just tweaked a little right now) should be sufficient. The current arrangement makes it easy to make changes and thusly I don't exactly recommend archiving, although any future updates won't be that much different from the current version, which is pretty much finalized.

I don't know how y'all do stickies around here but if you'd like to put up a link or whatever, that is perfectly acceptable to me.

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@Mk.558: If you could upload this here for archival I think this would be great.

I think that your pages need preserving... And actually, as long as you don't set a robots don't follow, I think that it is being preserved for posterity Wink

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