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3DRealms is no more

3DRealms has closed its doors and the fate of Duke Nukem Forever is uncertain. You might know Duke Nukem Forever as the infamous title, in development for 12 years... it is actually said that the game was a planned and forever going PR grab according to this article.

Visit the 3DRealms website for their Goodbye message:

What do you guys think?


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To be honest, it's rather depressing. I wonder what's going to happen to DNF, or that matter, the older Duke Nukem games.


Very depressing indeed... although at least a lot of Duke Forever screenshots and videos have been coming out, and there's a chance they will still release the game through another publisher or hand it off to another developing studio, they were apparently about 6 months from being done, wanting to release in April 2010. Lots of info on (when it's up, getting tons of traffic).

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Great news, thanks for the link.

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Quite a shame about 3DRealms. I quite enjoyed Duke Nukem.


Hey, Duke Nukem 3D is still fun!

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lolllll waiting for that duke nukem game must be worst than waiting for a new dr. dre album


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Not a big fan of any games after Build Engine. Don't like the third person stuff. Though I have only played the Time Travelling one.