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2004 eMac yellow/green crt issue?

Hey everyone. I recently bought a eMac computer which I haven't done too much with. Not being used to macs it will take me a bit to work it out but anyway. Today I went to turn it on and from the moment the apple splash screen came on I noticed the screen is now a yellowish green colour instead of white. I'm hoping it's not a serious problem with the crt but has anyone else had this issue before, or any ideas how to fix it? I've tried calibrating the screen in settings without much luck. From what I can tell the rest of the computer is working as it should.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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In the Monitors control panel, you should have an option to degauss the monitor. This will make things hum, the image will wiggle, and then you should get a better image -- if the problem is that you've got part of your CRT rig slightly magnetized.

Essentially, it sounds like your green electron gun is slightly out of alignment with the red and blue ones. Degaussing *may* fix this.