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2002 SCUMM throwback game?

I remember playing a demo of a point-and-click adventure game (or perhaps a short series of episodes) that came out around 2002, as far as I can recall; that was a tribute to Lucasarts' SCUMM engine games. It was even on MacGameFiles for a time, I think; but it appears to be long since gone, and even can't find any references. Does anyone else remember it?

The premise is that a pair of Australians win tickets to see AC/DC live in radio contest, and playing as one of them, you have to travel across the country to get to the concert, through a series of hijinks.

What else was unique about it, was that the graphics consisted of sprites ripped and cleverly edited from the old NES scrolling platform fighter River City Ransom.

I am certain this game is not a figment of my imagination, because I still have some little clippings from screencaps I made long ago. Perhaps they can jog someone else's memory.

One of the main characters:
An irate petrol station attendant: